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Today was a good day, today was a great day.  Today was a day that felt like we were back to normal before everything started.  Today felt like a Sunday in April.  Overall we had a wonderful weekend.  I liked it.

Life has been getting back to normal, I even got a haircut on Friday.  I didn’t realize how depressing that would be, but at least it is a little healthier on the ends.  It will be a little more than a month until I can return to a normal hair routine.  Who knew I would be longing to waste time with a flat iron. Maybe my next entry will be called “Ode to a flat iron.”

Zack’s family was visiting this week/end and it was a lovely visit.  The past two weekends have been so busy for us, I forgot what it was like to be on the go for so long.  It really is good for the mind and body, enough of wasting time inside.  Instead we should enjoy the sights and explore what California has to offer.  We went to the Santa Monica Pier yesterday, I think that the last time I was there I was in elementary school.  The boys had a blast and it was great family time.

We also went out to dinner last night, a date night if you will with his Dad and Karen.  It felt great to be out at night, not feeling sick and enjoying my food.  The only bummer was that I totally forgot to wear my new shoes that I got so excited about.  Talk about chemo brain, I guess we just need to plan another one soon.

Life is getting back to normal, I am definitely more present in the kids lives again and it makes me so, so happy.  As much as they drive me crazy, I am their mommy and want to be there as much and as long as I can.  I might be there TOO much right now, because I am definitely in more pain today than I have been in a few days.  Tomorrow I will rest more, and I go for my first fill.  “Fill” meaning my doctor injects saline into my expanders until I feel comfortable with my new size.  I’m a little nervous, but looking forward to getting this part over with and behind me.  The sooner that is done the closer we are to being done.

Soon, soon friends.  Very soon.  Have a great week.


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