Bye, bitch!

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I say that, because that’s what I made cancer- MY BITCH.  So vulgar and innaprporiate but that’s what makes this blog, yes?  I AM CANCER FREE!!! I DON’T NEED RADIATION!!!!  I am shouting from the rooftops today, it has been a long ass road but damn I am finally seeing the light.

I was diagnosed, took my health and well being into my hands, saw countless number of doctors and had scans and then sat myself down into a chemo chair on May 19.  Almost 5 months to the day, I find out for certain that I will not need radiation.  The relief is huge, the shock is huge.  The reality has not set in.

I haven’t been in a blogging mood lately, although I found out a week after my surgery that I was cancer free.  I didn’t want to really announce anything until I saw my oncologist today.  Not only am I cancer free, but I had a pathologic complete response which is pretty wonderful.  There was some residual DCIS left over in my breast, but that is normal because the type of chemo I was on doesn’t kill it.  But it’s gone, so that is all what matters.  It is most likely fermenting in a lab at Cedars, as I donated my tissue to science.  Awesome.

Now that this nightmare seems to be ending, I can plan on the exchange surgery where I get out my expanders and permanent implants placed. I can also move forward with my life.  That’s what I missed the most.  I miss holding my babies, I miss getting Dylan out of his crib.  I feel terrible that Zack has to do it all but is doing it like a champ.  I just want to move forward with my life, my kids and future.  Maybe a vacation or two also.

On a positive note, the expanders aren’t totally horrible anymore.  They aren’t comfortable don’t get me wrong, but livable.  I have found a comfortable position to sleep, basically falling into pillows and then flopping onto my side.  Sexy it’s not, but I am past that these days.

It has been quite the road, and you have stuck by me.  I find that I have fewer things to write about these days, but I think it’s time.  You have heard it all.  I spared you the pictures, but I described a shit ton to you.  I thank you for being a faithful Cupcakes and Chemo follower!  Thank you for all of your love and support as always.



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