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Well hi, I’m back.  As you know I am getting back to myself and my regular programming called life.  This Wednesday marks 6 weeks post surgery, but of course I have cheated and started lifting things such as my kids.  I just couldn’t wait any longer!!!

I couldn’t take it any longer, I needed to lift Dylan!  Damn that kid got heavy in 6 weeks, no not really but he definitely got bigger!  I missed snuggling that little face and squishing those cheeks.  He missed it too.  Asher and I caught up on some snuggle sessions too, can’t leave big boy out of anything right?

It has been so nice to get back to helping with the kids, minus the early as fuck wakeup this weekend with Daylight Savings.  I decided that the coffee chains are in cahoots with the DST idiots so they all make money off of the exhausted parents.  Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?  I have really enjoyed just sitting on the floor and playing, dressing and even changing Dylan’s diapers.  I basically missed out on 6 months of my kids lives this summer, so I feel like I want to play catchup.  Zack has been on morning duty for 6 weeks, and I am pretty sure he’s exhausted as well.  Funny enough, I have been most excited for dinner time.  This is a time most parents dread, but the fact that I can be present and actually FIGHT with my kids to eat is a big deal.  A few months ago it wasn’t even a question.  Now its a must.  Mama is back, much to their dismay.

Otherwise, I had my second fill last week and I am happy to report that it didn’t hurt too much.  The worst part is the next day when I can’t really sleep on my sides.  I think I will have three more and then be a perfect size.

My last piece of info is that I decided to join Beauty Counter as a sales rep. I have no idea what the fuck I am doing, but figure a few extra bucks in my pocket can’t hurt.  I started using their products when my friend who was going through cancer also suggested it.  I have really enjoyed their products, especially because they have a policy to not use banned ingredients (this isn’t a sales pitch FYI).  So we will see where this leads me!  Fun times ahead!

Good to share some news with you all!




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