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Well today I had my first expansion fill!  What a strange experience, mostly because I couldn’t see what the hell was going on, but it is done.  I will be filled once a week over the next four weeks, until I like the size that I am.

I ran into my friend who just had surgery on Friday in the lobby of the building, sending her so much love because I was just there three and a half weeks ago.  I know the pain she is in, and know that in a few days it will be behind her once and for all.

I’ll run you through the expansion process so you can understand it a bit better.  First of all, the expander has a magnet inside of it to locate the port for filling.  If there was no magnet, you’d be shooting blind and that would suck.  Mind you, all of this is going on while I’m on a table and my mom is lurking because she is fascinated.  This woman has seen IT ALL.  And I mean ALL.  Anyway, he located the magnets and injected some lidocaine into my breasts.  I can’t feel shit there, so it didn’t feel like anything really. After that, all I know is that there was some tube and an injection of saline.  I wasn’t allowed to move so this is all word of mouth.  I was injected a total of 50 cc’s today.  I am now up to 300cc.  I was filled up to 250 in the operating room.  One down and 3 more to go!

After that mom and I took a jaunt to the jewelry store where I treated myself to a bracelet, and funny enough my Lokai Breast Cancer bracelet came today also.  Then we went over to have a nice lunch, can’t have a mom daughter day without food.  I love my mommy time.  As weird as it is, I miss seeing her every day or almost every day!  We were together on the regular for a good 5 months, and just went almost a week without each other!  She might have cried.  Or maybe that was me, not sure.  Anyway, as these days get more infrequent, I treasure them.  I still make her pay for lunch though, duh.

I got home this afternoon and spent a good amount of time hanging with the boys.  I took Asher to get a haircut and then read them some books in the playroom.  I haven’t done that in a while, and I’m really enjoying submerging myself back into my mommy life.  Even if it is a mundane task as dressing or reading, I love it.  I haven’t been able to for so long and now I just enjoy what gets thrown (literally) my way.

Lots of love and squishy boobs.



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