The end

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5 mammograms

4 Ultrasounds

1 Biopsy

4 MRI’s

1 Bone Scan

Countless other Tests

6 Chemo Treatments

17 Herceptin Treatments

3 Surgeries later…

I am done.  Today, April 20th, 2017 I have officially finished all of my Breast Cancer treatment.  Done.  Motherfucking DONE.  This was all a dream up until a few weeks ago, but I have officially kicked this cancer’s ass.  I was diagnosed officially on May 2, 2016, as crazy as this is it hasn’t even been a year.  We managed to sneak in quite a bit in that time.  See above list.

Driving to Tower this morning, I had a range of emotions going through me.  I was happy, I was sad, I was excited.  I listened to Fight Song and Rise Up a few times.  Both of those “anthems” were what got me through the dark days over the last year.  Year.  A year of my life has been consumed by cancer.  36 and a cancer survivor.  Wow.

Over this last year, I have dealt with a lot of shit and a ton of that is a true blur.  It has brought Zack and myself closer.  It has brought our entire family closer, sad that it had to happen this way, but it really makes you appreciate what you have.  I have made incredible friends, I have lost a few.  I have become so appreciate of the people around me and the every day experiences that I get to have.  After all is said and done, I have come out of this with a major sense of gratitude.  Grateful to be alive, grateful for health, grateful for perky boobs.  Just plain GRATEFUL.

This will probably be the final post for Cupcakes and Chemo, but I want to always have this website as a place for people to come for support.  To laugh, to know they are not alone.  Even though my treatment is in the past, I will always be an advocate for Breast Cancer and all cancers until the end of my time.  This is a part of me, and even though the treatment ends, the feelings don’t.  You change once you have the diagnosis, a little fighter is born.

So in closing, I thank you for your support.  I thank you for being there for me, and I thank you for being a friend.  Now if you do anything, please, please get your mammograms.