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Well I guess you could say that I have had my fair share of orientations over the past three weeks.  Ive met oncologists, radiologists, breast surgeons, reconstructive surgeons, nurses, technicians, survivors, aliens, dinosaurs and a few monsters.  Oh, the last three were just my kids and a dog.

Shit there's a lot of info for a person with cancer.  Aside from learning about what kind of cancer I have, there is so much terminology and technical shit that goes a long with it.  Besides all of that, I am basically having to learn all about myself and my emotions.  That whole emotional side is really important, so you don't just shove away your feelings in a box in the closet.  Let me tell you, crying is not easy when you need to do it.  Why can I cry at a stupid commercial with no problem?

I had my chemo orientation today.  Just me, Nurse Debi and my mom.  Orientation at UofA was so much more exciting.  No dorms or drinking involved here.  I just got to learn about my port, the medications I will be on and side effects.  BTW- I'm getting a port so my veins aren't completely fried over the next year (yes YEAR) of medication.  if you're wondering, I will have chemo for 18 weeks, every three weeks for 6 treatments, and following that I will have another med for an entire year.

Back to today.  When I woke up like cancer literally hit me in the face.  I think it really did, because this is the week that it all starts.  Every day i will have to be at either the oncology building or the imaging buildings at Cedars.  It's fucking exhausting, but I will know the in's and outs of Cedars and Beverly Hills by the end of this shit.  And my boobs will look killer.

So with that, I'm going to kick ass and take names.  I am going to knock this shit on its ass, and any other cliche you can think of.  Ive said it before and I will say it again.  Please don't pity me, join me on my journey and hopefully we can all learn something either about cancer or ourselves.  If I have learned anything so far, it is the importance of early detection and being true to yourself.  It will be a long fight, but I'm ready for it.


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