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I did nothing, I am doing nothing! It is fabulous. The kids are at my parents being spoiled. My dad set up a little pool so they can stay cool today. Asher will be a total prune by the end of the day. The kid loves the water just not a big pool. Water Whisperer down the fucking drain. Dylan is either teething or has a cold. I sent along Motrin, enjoy the night mom and dad. HAHAHAHA.

Zack made me a cute little cabana in the shade (i.e. he put a great umbrella over me) because I cannot be in the sun for long. I sat outside and started a book that wasn’t about cancer but about a stalker, it is so good! Now I am inside about to watch a shitty romcom. Does it get better than that? No, no it doesn’t.

Tonight I am going on a date with Zack, checking out a newish restaurant. Thankfully taste has somewhat returned or that would be a waste of money. I am a cheap date these days anyway now that I can’t drink.

My next infusion is Thursday, so we figure live it up today and tonight and relax while we can. A little bit of normalcy is good every now and then to remind ourselves that this is all temporary. The calm, the quiet and the cancer. It is all temporary….

Have a beautiful Saturday.


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