Hair today, gone tomorrow

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No, not really but sadly I am shedding some hair.  Thankfully my hair is not falling out in clumps as it normally would three weeks after chemo, but I am shedding.  I can only wash my hair max two times a week right now and brush it on those days because of my curly hair.  When I brushed it it looked like a lot came out, but I think it was just the buildup of not brushing it every day.  That, or I am convincing myself that’s what it is.

Because of the cold caps, I am preserving my hair and am SO thankful for that.  I never realized how vain I was until I was faced with the prospect of losing my hair. I am still kicking myself in the ass for not making an earlier hair appointment a few months back and then canceling when I had one!  Jeremy if you are reading this, we so have a date this Fall with an all natural, vegan hair dye!

I am actually freaking out that my caps won’t make it into the freezer tomorrow.  They need to be frozen for 48 hours or they won’t work.  I emailed my Nurse Practitioner today asking about them making it into the freezer- along with the cold that I have, awesome- and she assured me that Rod (whoever that is) will make sure they are frozen.  So basically my hair and fate is in the hands of this Rod character, whoever the fuck he is.  Here’s hoping Rod doesn’t call in sick tomorrow.

On another note, I met with my Rabbi today.  She’s pretty awesome and makes me very happy that we decided on the temple that we did.  What an amazing community we have found, in religion and friends.  I feel blessed on so many levels, and thankful every day.  We had a wonderful talk today and I am pretty certain that I solidified my craziness with her.  Not many people can make cancer jokes, let alone to their rabbi.  But guess who did???  ME!  Are you surprised?

So that’s all for today.  I am gearing up for Thursday mentally and physically.  Making sure that all my ducks are in a row and everyone has their shit in order.  Along with all of that, Dylan started crawling today.  I think this will officially put me over the edge before cancer does.  He’s a fast little chunkster!



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