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Sorry for not writing yesterday, I just had a busy day!  First I had breakfast with my cancer buddy, then Zack finally got home from his business trip, and then I had a dinner with 10 of my high school and college friends!  Talk about a busy social calendar for a day.  That is more activity than I have had in months.  I’m exhausted.

It was so good to have my catchup with Marissa.  She is my savior and guiding light throughout this Breast Cancer journey.  I have said it before and will say it again, I couldn’t get through this without her.  It sucks we met (again) this way, but it was meant to be I suppose! Anyway, we talked about everything as usual and it was fabulous.  And Joan’s makes a kick ass breakfast sandwich if you are curious.

I didn’t write about Zack being on a business trip, but man was it hard to take care of two kids (even with a nanny) for three days!  These munchkins certainly have a lot of energy, especially at bedtime.  But they were really good while daddy was gone so I cannot complain!  It was so great to have the family back together!

Last night dinner was great, we do these reunion dinners every few years and it is so nice to catch up.  I have known some of these girls since I was 12 years old! Everyone knows what is going on obviously, but to talk about it was nice and answer any questions people had.  The girls asked when they should get a mammogram, and the answer is NOW!  Remember, my lump wasn’t detected in a breast exam back in January.  Even if it isn’t covered by insurance be your own health advocate and get checked out!  Anyway, it was great to reminisce about high school shenanigans and laugh, it really is the best medicine.

Today I am having lunch with my soul sister from another mister.  I have never met anyone aside from my sister who likes the same ridiculous movies as me.  I’m talking Maid to Order, Beetlejuice and Overboard.  She is fucking awesome and super swisty like me.  And she likes Tender Greens.  Love this bitch.

Hope you have a great Thursday, countdown to chemo #5 next week.  But first I have a huge weekend with my bestie coming to town!!!!




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  1. Yesterday sounded like just what the doctor could have ordered! Enjoy the time with your girlfriend this weekend. Have fun. Hugs

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