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Wait till you hear this one.  So I tried to get a good night sleep last night like I did the night before, but that didn’t happen.  It is very normal to have side effects creep up in the middle of the night and keep you awake.  Genius me, I tried to make sure that didn’t happen.

Lets just say, that by 12:30am I found myself on the bathroom floor with no fucking idea how I got there.  I was convinced that I was in my bed, but couldn’t understand why I was so cold and the bed was hard.  Yea, idiot I was on the tile!  The whole thing must have lasted a minute, but I was convinced I was lost in Beetlejuice land of a sandworm or something.  Maybe I learned my lesson than to take too much medication before bed.  Whoopsie.

Otherwise, this chemo coma isn’t as bad as the others.  I have really had minimal nausea this time around which is totally tripping me out.  I have only had to take one Zofran and nothing else.  Constantine came this morning to give me my final hydration of this round.  Boy I will miss him and his starched Dockers for a few weeks.

To say everything is status quo is about right, my taste is gone and the anxiety is heightened from not being able to eat.  I am on the up and up!  I feel decent, so I might even venture with my mom and Asher to his swim class today.  It is the hottest day of the year I hear, so why not?

Today is our nanny’s last day, and I am in denial.  I haven’t acknowledged it because I am so sad.  I will miss her terribly.  Maybe she will come back one day, who knows!

On to the housewives from last night…



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