4, 3, 2, 1 and gone

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I got to leave the house today for the first time!  I had my first post-op appointment with my reconstruction surgeon today.  It was so much fun getting dressed this morning with my new look in a button down shirt and sweats.  My hair looks like a hot mess but at least its clean.  I slightly resembled humpty dumpty with my 4 drains attached to me.  There is no way to hide those guys.

The Breast Center was packed today, you’d think they were giving something away!  We saw Dr. Slate right away and he looked over my drain log.  Yes, they give you homework with drains.  You have to empty them twice a day and write how much came out.  Apparently mine were draining the perfect amount because all four came out today!  I was expecting just one to come out, but nope all of them are out!

They have been such a pain in the ass, mostly because I haven’t been able to take a proper shower in a week.  Also they just get in the way with the kids, and sleep.  It’s such a relief they are gone!  Only one hurt when the stitch got cut, but the rest were just painless!  I am now free to shower and wash my hair.  I still have limitations on how much I can lift, I can’t even lift a purse yet.  My computer is questionable.

After the appointment mom took me to a fancy lunch at Islands, sketchy because there was a risk I would see people I knew!  Thankfully all of you were in hiding.  Then I came home and took a nap.  The end.

I get to see both surgeons again this week, and hope to have my pathology back by then.  I will keep you updated on all of it!

P.S. they were giving something away for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I got a travel mug and a few other tchotkes.



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