CHEMO and the COLD

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I finished my chemo for the first time today.  YAY! Now tell me this, how surreal is that shit?  1 down, 5 to go!

The cold caps went on first, I will be honest and say they aren't so bad after all.  I was more nervous about the cold than the chemo,  how funny is that?

The day started off OK, there were a LOT of people after me all at once.  I met Gavin, my cold cap technician.  He's awesome and a nice British gentleman.  Then I met Stephanie my fab nurse.  Paige came over, she's my rock star PA and others that i couldn't name if i tried.

At one point a pharmacist came over and I swear to god I have no idea what she said.  She came in they midst of my Ativan and Benadryl haze.  I think my dad and sister came too, but I can't remember LOL.  I keep lowering my doses of Ativan because it is fucking me up too hard.

The caps need to be switched every 30 minutes or they get too warm.  By cap 2 I was basically numb and can't feel my head, its kinda nice but my brain still works.  I have this warm cozy electric blanket that I am totally digging.  Without it I might freeze to death!

I have two caps left, and then I get to go home.  This has been a very long day and I will write more when i am up to it.  I am just thankful that I have made it through the day and only have 5 more chemo treatments left.

Let's hope the old saying pertains to me also- “Time flies when you're having fun.”


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