I gotta say today was a good day

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I hope that you sung the title of this blog to the tune of Ice Cube's song.  No there was no need for an AK, but I gotta say it was a good day.

This was a great weekend, probably one of the best in a really long time even before the cancer.  It was just GOOD.  The weather was great although I could have used a few more degrees of warmth. Since I can't be in the sun, fuck it.  We just really enjoyed our house, the backyard and the holiday.  Oh, and I had coffee for the first time in 15 days!  I couldn't taste it but it was fab.

As previously mentioned, we were invited to a BBQ this weekend and we graciously attended.  I of course had to be the typical asshole and ask if it was a cancer invite.  Being that these people were awesome, of course they said “DUH.”  My kind of demented folks.  It was really nice to be around people and just BE.  There was no focus on me, the cancer, my boobs, or how I discovered my lump bullshit.  It was about the company, the great food, the kids and more importantly new friendships.  I left last night feeling such gratitude that we have met such amazing people since having children and even more so since joining Asher's school.  We lucked out in that department!  I found people who are as demented as we are!

Today is Memorial Day, and we had my parents and sister over for an early BBQ (Auntie came with gifts for Asher, don't worry).  Asher wanted daddy to make ribs and just can't get behind my dad not eating them, it's hilarious (it's a kosher thing).  The kids played in the little pool splashing like animals, and then Dylan napped for 2 hours.  It doesn't really get better than that, but it did.  It was just nice to be around family and enjoy being outside for the entire day.  I guess it took having cancer to realize that every day is a blessing, and to enjoy the next 10 days before I feel like absolute shit for another 9.  It's a lovely little cycle I signed up for right?

The evening ended with a major dance party DJ'd by Zack and danced to by Asher.  He has always been our little dancer, and tonight was no exception.  It is moments like this that just make every moment count and memorable.  Yes, we got video that will play at his Bar Mitzvah.

The best and most amazing part though, was Zack's choice of final song.  “Good Day,” by Nappy Roots.  This is one of Asher's favorites!  Yes I know it is not about what I want it to be about, but it was the most perfect song for the moment.  

It was a good day, and ain't nobody gotta cry today, cause ain't nobody gonna die today.  Save that drama for another day……Hey we're gonna have a good day!

Here's to another week, make it count!


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