I made a grown man cry today

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Yes, this is true- although there were no actual tears shed. And no, I wasn't mean if you are wondering.  I took Dylan for his 9 month check and saw our pediatrician.  He had found out about the cancer and was just as flabbergasted as everyone else.  I should add that we have a very good relationship, he dealt with me day and night when Asher was a baby.  I was a little nuts as a first time mom.  From then on, we solidified a fantastic relationship.  He still thinks I am insane.

So once again I had to dredge up the subject of cancer, which I don't really mind at this point.  It's more the repeating of the story.  I think I will just refer everyone to the first entry here, it's what my mom does.  What was very interesting, is what he said to me.  “It's happening too much.” He's right, Breast Cancer is happening too often in people under 40.  That's not the interesting part though.  He said that he sees more women diagnosed with Breast Cancer than children with AUTISM!  People are worried about the drugs that are causing Autism, but what about Breast Cancers and others?  Coming from a physician, that really blew my mind.  I don't know the stats and I am not here to sway you to believe what I believe, but I'll be blunt.  This is some fucked up shit right there.

Anyway, Dylan is fine.  He is massive and like 80th percentile in weight.  Asher has never seen more than 50 percentile in his life so the Jewish mother in me is kvelling.  I gave him extra potato with dinner.

On a completely unrelated note, I received a call this morning from a friend who I see every now and then around the Valley.  We have known each other since high school or college and have a billion friends in common.  She is really the first person to actually pick up the phone and call me instead of texting or messaging me.  Of course I cried like a baby listening to her message, and I promise I will call you tomorrow! She told me that she called her OB to make an appointment for a mammogram.  She is under 40- and we all know that the age required is 40 (ridiculous).  That made me so happy that I cried even more.

The entire reason I wanted to write this blog and document my experience was to save a life.  Even if it is one person or 20 who get a mammogram, I have done my work.  It's all about early detection and I thank you for being so proactive.  I urge you to please make an appointment or call to speak to your doctor.  It will probably cost you because insurance sucks but you can skip a latte or pressed juice for a few weeks.  Saving that cash could save your life.  


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