Well, today it was my manicurist

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I didn't exactly make her cry, but I did shock the hell out of her.  I have to remember that not everyone has my sense of humor or whatnot, to take my “drop the mic” attitude in saying that I have cancer.  When I told her to please not cut my cuticles and make sure that everything was extra clean, she asked if I was OK.  My response was just this, “oh yeah, I have cancer now.”  Um WHAT? They could have gone off in Vietnamese but no, her eyes just were like WTF.  Kinda like you when you probably found out.

The point is that I think I need to remember that just because I am OK with my cancer diagnosis, not everyone will take the news as calmly.  It's not like she started bawling or anything, but it does take a minute to digest this information.  It isn't the same as hearing that I am moving neighborhoods or schools.  Once we did, she pushed back my cuticles nicely and told me that we shouldn't be cutting them anyway because it makes them look ragged in a few days.  So it took me getting fucking cancer to know that I shouldn't have my cuticles cut?  No one could tell me this otherwise?

Otherwise today is just a day, a good day I suppose.  I am very tired today, but not for reasons related to the cancer.  No, actually it is probably that but whatever.  I took the little one to MyGym this morning, he sat there like a lump.  I am so glad that we sat in traffic for him to sit and smile.  At least he got out of the house today.  My poor little house baby.

After school I took Ash to Rite Aid.  It could be his Disneyland.  The mecca opened up when I asked him he wanted some ice cream.  The child has officially been entered into the Thrifty ice cream club, that shit is good.  We could have had a better choice in flavor, but you all know how much I enjoy hearing him say “Bearday.”  His flavor of choice was Birthday Cake.

Oh and he got a new car.  I have cancer, so you get mad at me for spoiling my kid.


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