Today isn’t such a great day

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So today is day 2 from chemo #2. I will be honest and say that I feel like shit and my brain is like scrambled eggs today.  My apologies in advance for this sounding like gibberish.  I know understand how Yolanda felt from her Lyme disease…I guess?

This round of chemo seemed to hit me so much harder than the first, I know that everyone says the effects are cumulative but shit, I never expected to literally sleep the entire day away.  I wake from a nap and then 5 minutes later my left eye is literally stuck closed again.  Napping is exhausting.  I felt like I slept the entire day away, but the entire time “Love Actually” was playing.  Either that is the longest fucking movie or I didn’t really sleep as long as I thought.  Regardless, don’t need to watch that again in the near future.

Thanks to everyone for their movie suggestions, if I can actually concentrate long enough, I might watch “Soap Dish,” suggested to me by Judy.

That’s all for now, I feel my left eye starting to close.  Fuck chemo and Fuck Cancer.  Love to you all though!



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  1. You’re right Jessie- fuck that chemo and fuck that cancer!!! Way to vent! Remember what you said in the beginning you will have to let people do things and you’d have to rest …. Well, this is rest time!!! Hang in there Jessie and once again, I send you many hugs and much love!

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