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I am starting to think that I look “cancer-y,” and by that I mean like a cancer patient.  My hair is gnarly, and my skin is pimply and my weight is dropping.  I had a flash yesterday as being known as “Cancer Girl” around town, like when I run into people and they whisper about the cancer like I don’t know.  No that hasn’t happened to me- that I’m aware of yet.

It’s not like the whole world or San Fernando Valley and Long Island doesn’t know that I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, so it’s not a secret.  I do have a blog for fucks sake.  So if you see me around, I know I look like a wackadoo cause my hair is a disaster and whatnot, but act normal. Ask me what my kids did this morning to annoy me.  I will have many answers for you.

Back to the idea of Cancer Girl.  I’d like to be Cancer Girl, but instead of a cancer patient she’s a superhero who saves the lives of those in need.  I even have her all drawn up in my head, but I can’t draw for shit so she will be a figment of my imagination instead.

Blah Blah.  I feel better today also on the chemo side, but now of course I have a cold that is kicking my ass.  Apologies in advance if you have a birthday party for your kids and we aren’t there this summer.  Doctor says no parties for moi. I am crying over this, really I am.  I like cake.

This post is a total jumble of shit, so if you stopped reading I get it. I would much rather be watching OITNB than writing too.  Peace out yo.




2 thoughts on “Cancer-y”

  1. No cake?! That blows.
    This may be a “blah whatever go watch something juicy” post, but it’s very real and it makes me appreciate a little more fully where you’re at day to day. And it’s really good to read about what you want to hear from people, how you want to be spoken to and treated, because nobody ever knows what to do in that department. (Sorry, I mean what the FUCK to do). So thank you for that.

  2. Stay strong! I know you have good days and crappy days but you have a huge team fighting along side you. If anyone can kick cancer’s doughy white ass, you can!!! Enjoy Father’s Day with your brood.
    Xo, Michelle

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