Doo doo doo, feeling groovy

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Well I feel fanfuckingtastic.  My second chemo infusion was two weeks ago, and I finally feel back to normal.  Hallelujah!  Guess what, it’s fleeting because I go back in Thursday, waaaah waaaah.  Oh well I better live it up while I can before my next Chemo Coma- that’s what I call it.

The last few days have been great, hence why I haven’t written anything.  I don’t like to bore you with daily nonsense, if I don’t feel it, I am not writing it.  I have been keeping VERY busy this week, probably too much.  I have tried to squeeze in a lot of stuff before I am out for a few weeks again.  I even got to meet Mr. T at the Mercedes dealership!  I made him say “I Pity the Fool.”

Today I had breakfast with an old friend, and I am so glad that we reconnected so many years later! When we were in school together, I always thought she was the coolest senior on campus.  I was a wee little seventh grader and she was always the kindest and sweetest person.  I can honestly say that she still is!  I am thankful that this stupid cancer brought her back into my life, if only it brought that awesome Celica back too…..

This weekend the kids are going to my parents house so Zack and I can enjoy a kid free night before D-Day.  I love them beyond words, but to have them go to my parents every few weeks for a night is better than a spa day.  Well not really but almost.  They are EXHAUSTING, cancer or not.

I do find myself snuggling up to them even more now at random times, because I know what is to come.  I also find myself holding Dylan a little longer after he falls asleep at night because it is just the most delicious thing to hold a sleeping baby in your arms.  I love that boy so much and he is growing up so damn fast! I also know that in a few months I won’t be able to hold him for a really long time, so I am getting my extra snuggles in now and filing them in my brain.

Well that is all for now, we have a nice weekend planned and I plan on enjoying it all from beginning to the end.  I hope that you have a great one too!



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  1. So glad you’re feeling better for a while. Have a great weekend and let’s
    make a plan for next week. Love you!

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