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It has been over 3 weeks since I have slept through the night, and last night I broke my streak.  I slept for 8 solid hours! I feel great today, and amazingly refreshed! It wasn’t even the cancer that was keeping me up, it was this stupid cold that I have that just won’t go away.  I think I finally kicked it out with a little Z-Pack last night.

Enough about me, thanks for all the kind words about yesterday’s post.  It is really crazy how the world works and brings you to places and meet people who you never thought you would.  That extends to each of you, you know who you are that mean so much to me.  Theres a special place in my heart for my Frank’s.

Germaphobia has taken over my life, meaning little Dylan doesn’t get to go to MyGym today.  Apparently ’tis the season for Hand, Foot and Mouth and that is the LAST thing the Brown’s need right now.  Instead, he will be socialized at the mall.  My mecca, he should be well-adjusted there anyway.  The doctor said I should walk around, she didn’t specify WHERE those walks should be…..

On another note, I found my spirit animal.  Her name is Calysta Bevier and she was on Americas Got Talent singing “Fight Song.” This girl is 16 years old and beat stage three Ovarian Cancer.  She is absofuckinglutely amazing and I want to be her when I grow up.  As she says, “No matter what you’ve gone through, keep chasing your dreams.” Well Said Calysta.  You are my fucking spirit animal and I wish you health and happiness for the rest of your life!  Fuck cancer!


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  1. I’m obsessed with her. I was hysterical watching her audition. I was so moved by her that I posted about her on fb. As always, YOU are in my thoughts and I’m sending you love.

  2. Glad you got sleep last night. That often helps a lot!
    Boy was I thinking about you last night… I too saw Calysta sing “your” song and is so beautiful and has such a talent. G-d give you both health and long life! Hugs to you

  3. Wow! That was amazing! You certainly have her spirit! Glad you had
    a dose of the mall today…I’m sure you got many smiles today
    with that cutie pie, Dylan!

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