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Today I am starting my day at the dermatologist office. When you have cancer, you need to be extra vigilant about your skin and all that fun stuff.  I’ve always been good about yearly exams,  but today I’m a little worried.

A few days ago I had what appeared to be a scratch, but it won’t go away.  I’m thinking its skin cancer obviously. Let’s hope not!  When I had to do my patient history, it was a little crazy. For the first time I had to check the Breast Cancer box and specify the many, many medicines that I take daily.  I threw in chemo for fun, I like to keep people on their toes.

So I’m waiting, and waiting.  Those who know Dr. Hartman know you always WAIT.  My mom told me to pull the cancer card, but I’m not that annoyed. Yet.  Finally I get into the room…and wait more.  A nurse came in to take my history which was already on the paper, why not check before coming in?  I had to tell her about the cancer.  She did the usual head cock to the side and said “Oh I am so sorry, that is sad.” I was like no pity here, I will be fine.  I HATE PITY.

When he finally comes in he does his check of my moles.  All clear and documented with a picture  What I thought was a cancer was just blood vessels at the surface. I guess being on the blood thinner is making it take extra long for it to heal.

So I am ok, yay! Still have cancer of the boobs though.  I have been running like a nut today, which is so fabulous in this 100+ heat.  Off to take Asher to swim lessons…. Super Cancer Mom, it never stops.  Now where is my cape?




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  1. You are bringing back ugly memories of waiting for Hartman. Lol. Totally forgot that you wait for what seems like hours just to get into a room and then you have to wait another two hours for him to see you! Ugh! Glad you don’t have melanoma

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