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I saw my therapist yesterday, who reminded me that I am “sick.”  I know, that’s quite a depressing way to start this blog off.  But I am, and I keep forgetting that when I feel back to 90% like I do this week.  It is a weird thing when your mind is working fine (well that’s to be debated with me) but knowing that you are in fact sick.  Sick, I don’t really like that term.  I have a disease, no that just sounds like I have something that can’t be cured.  I think it is best to say that I have cancer and its fucked up.  There’s an f-bomb for you mom.

I bring this all up, because this morning I went and saw my breast surgeon.  No, not the one who will make them all pretty but the one who will make sure the cancer is gone.  She’s fabulous and I trust her with my life.  No, seriously my life will be in her hands.  She has to make sure she gets all my cancer out!

I needed to meet with her again between my 2nd and 3rd chemo, which is on Thursday to see my progress.  Well needless to say, I am doing fantastic according to her.  From the feel of my breast exam, she can tell that my tumors (ew) have shrunk significantly! She also examined me with the ultrasound and could literally SEE the tumors have gotten smaller.  That means that after just two rounds of chemo, my body is really responding well and I should be in a great position after my 6th infusion.  That also means that I shouldn’t need any radiation after surgery.  Even better news.

We started to discuss my surgeries, and I will definitely have my first one by the beginning of October assuming all goes well with the rest of my treatments.  So we are planning on that as a start date, with the second planned before the end of the year.  Gotta get that in before the new deductibles start in January- and I am so serious.

It was a great start to a VERY early morning.  Aside from an 8:45 appointment in West Hollywood, Dylan woke me up at 5:45. Kid learn to sleep a little later would ya?  To say I am fucking exhausted and it is only 11am is an understatement.

I think I will find a little nook and nap while I can…


3 thoughts on “Good news!”

  1. Hey Jessie. Such great news! It’s gotta thrill you to be progressing so well. I’m proud of your attitude and feel blessed to have you as part of my family. You’re a marvel❤️ Love judy

  2. Yeah Jessie!!! Keep on beating that mother fucking disease!!! We’re all rooting for you.
    As far as Dylan not sleeping, it just must be something in the name – ours wakes up all the time.
    Don’t forget…. You’re “sick” so find that corner today to nap!!
    Love and hugs

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