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Today is Wednesday, it is just a day.  My day hasn’t been bad at all, and it hasn’t been fantastic.  It has been good.  Good is good, yes?  Wait I lied to you.  Today has been fanfuckingtastic!  IT WAS HAIR WASHING DAY!!!!!  I love me some clean locks.  I even took a picture of me looking like Shirley Temple for you to giggle at.


Anyway, I met my mom and grandma for lunch today with Dylan.  He got out of the house, yay!  This kid is so funny, he is already enamored with trucks.  We went to a restaurant that we have gone to since I was 2, and we know the owners very well.  The weirdest thing happened, I was so nervous to go!  My mom told me that she had told them about my cancer, and for some reason that worried me that they knew.  Was I going to feel ambushed?  Embarrassed?  Would they doubt it because I have my hair?

Of course there was nothing but love when we walked in, and sure my hair was touched but that didn’t bother me.  I think I realized that I would have preferred the anonymity instead of being a focal point.  Is that weird?  I guess I just prefer to float along and not have the attention put on me unless asked for.  Sure, I am writing a blog and am VERY open about having cancer but in my day-to-day I want to just be Jessie.  I know that it sounds like I had to dredge up cancer the entire meal but it really wasn’t talked about.  I think I made it a bigger deal in my head and really everyone was too busy fawning over Dylan and his love for food!

That’s all for today, I am just going to relax for the rest of the day because I am pretty tired today.  Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!




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