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Oh my God am I grateful to have hair.  Oh my God am I sick of treating it like a baby.  Oh my God what would I do to put it in a pony tail.  But again, I am really thankful that I have my hair.  This process is just really annoying to me, because I just want to wash, rinse, brush and repeat.  Numerous times a day.

With my Cold Caps, I can only wash it twice a week or less.  I literally have a calendar in my bathroom for my medicine and hair washing.  Again, grateful to have hair!  I have to wash it with tepid water on a very light shower head.  Long gone are the days to sit and waste water in the shower.  I get in and out in literally 4 minutes these days.  Governor Brown would be really appreciative of my conservation habits.  The caps are obviously working, I have barely lost any hair at this point.  I think I am maybe down 10%?  Maybe less, maybe a little more.  Just grateful it’s there.

What I have learned over the last few months, is that we really treat our hair like shit.  I used to wash my hair twice a day and brush the hell out of it.  After these fucking toxins are done flowing through my veins, I kinda think that my hair will be better off than before!  I mean, I haven’t had color put in for almost 7 months so there’s that aspect too of it being healthy!

Also, I realized that I don’t need to brush my hair every day.  So I might go for the half rats nest look some days, but at least I know that I can rock curly hair!

Tomorrow is hair washing day, I feel like I should celebrate!!



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  1. OH the little things that buoy us up! Although hair is a REALLLLLLLLY big thing. Yay Jesse’s hair

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