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Whew! What a weekend we had!  I feel like we barely sat down all weekend  but in reality I had two naps yesterday.  It’s always a good one when you’re thoroughly exhausted at the end and can’t wait for school in the morning.  Parents, can I get an amiright or amiright?

I guess you can say that kids really say the darndest things.  After this weekend we realized that Asher really does hear everything we say around the house.  We aren’t shy about using the word cancer, and surprisingly he hasn’t asked what that means.  Yesterday he really did take us by surprise though.  When he asked Zack if he could throw a water balloon at me, Zack said no. No because duh it’s wrong and secondly mommy can’t get her hair wet.  Do you know what Asher’s response was?  Is it hair washing day?  I guess he really picked up on the hair.

The good news is that he isn’t really acting out because of me being sick, just because he’s almost four.  Fucking fours.  They haven’t even started yet and they are so fun.

The weekend was good, date night was a success and Dylan slept until 7 yesterday.  We capped off the weekend with a lovely dinner and play date at a friend’s house.  Asher swam so much this weekend that he’s now a legit fish.  Those Water Whisperer lessons, and daddy lessons have finally paid off!  Let’s hope we keep up the goodness as we head into this week of infusion number four.  FOUR!  I guess that number is a theme of this post!  Fucking four, then there will be two and then one!  Ahhhh! So close yet so far away right.  I hope I remember to call Rod tomorrow and make sure those caps are extra frozen for Thursday!

Go watch some crappy reality tv now, that’s my plan!


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