Two days out

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So here I sit two days out of chemo #4.  I was supposed to have my hydration this morning, but the lovely medical delivery service messed up and forgot to bring me tubing.  Well as I typed this the tubing finally showed up.  Beanna will be back shortly, as I refused the other nurse they wanted to send yesterday.  Yea, when you have cancer you can demand things.  I demand nice nurses!

The kids are off with my parents and Jana until tomorrow.  This morning they took them to the zoo to see the dinosaur exhibit and I think Dylan slept through the whole thing after he got terrified of a pterodactyl screaming at him.  He will need therapy from that I am sure.  I’ll start saving now.

Otherwise so far so good.  I don’t feel just god awful which is a nice change.  I have an appetite which is shocking to me, and just want a turkey sandwich.  I am going to enjoy the next day to relax and recuperate in the quiet.  I have my walkie-talkie and Zack has his.  We are prepared! Oh and of course there is cornbread.

Have a good one folks.


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