The morning after

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Well, here I sit in my infusion chair minus Rod and Gavin.  I am at the center this morning for my scheduled hydration and Neulasta shot.  Jana drove me, she’s my morning Uber today.  Oh, and she brought me a yummy bagel to boot.  She’s a keeper.

So far I feel ok, just wiped out from yesterday.  I slept ok but the midget’s woke up WAY too early this morning.  I will definitely be napping on and off all day, and weekend! I will just take this quiet time to relax and prepare mentally for what is to come.  We are all stocked up on my supplies that I like to have after chemo.  Cornbread, Vitamin Water, Hint Water, and toast.  So healthy and carby, perfect!

Until tomorrow folks, it was great to hear from so many of you yesterday, and that keeps me going.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. Ric wanted me to send you special hugs. He has been following your blogs also. We hope the next days are easy for you. Sending Love and strength.

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