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Well, it is day 5 and I am almost seeing the light again.  The nausea has mostly waned and I can almost see straight for more than 5 minutes at a time.  If you want to know what a chemo coma is like, I can gladly break it down for you.

Day 1- Still high from your infusion and steroids.

Day 2- Sheer and utter exhaustion, to the point that you are so tired you can’t move or function.  Hair washing day is a joke and won’t happen.  This is best to not have small children around because you are basically worthless in child rearing.  That’s where Mom Mom and Yoey and Auntie come into play.  By this evening I am wondering if I am hungry but mostly not.  I try to eat cornbread but gag it down.  It’s all about Reglan and pot at this point.  I learned after round 2 that I cannot take compazine because it kills me.

Day 3- Exhaustion to the point that you want to zip yourself out of your skin and wish it was a week from the day.  Most of the days there’s a House Hunters marathon on tv but this weekend I got screwed.  No one wants to watch Tiny Houses.  By the evening I usually bounce back with some energy, most likely because I am so bored and fed up with sitting.  I can’t normally eat but can interact with the kids and put Dylan to bed.

Day 4- A slight rebound in energy, but not much.  Day 4 I usually stay home and stick to my couch for comfort.  There is no eating because at this point my taste has all but gone.  By the evening I cannot taste a thing.  It is all metallic and cardboard and way depressing.  I found yesterday that all I could eat was hardboiled eggs and a potato.  Depressing.  Oh and cake, I had ice cream cake.

Now is Day 5, and I am settled mentally for what is to come.  I know the other side effects that will come visit and I know when they all go away.  I just wish I could speed up the next few days and be over with.  And then I get to do it all over again in 2 weeks!  How awesome am I!?!?!?!?!

I am having a few more visitors today, always nice to have people come say hi to me.  I had some yesterday which put a smile on my face too.  So think of me when you are chowing down at lunch today, what I would do for a chicken tender right about now.  Soon, I will have it soon.

Oh, and before I go one more thing.  I have all the fucking time in the world to watch tv, why is there shit on???  Annoying!!!

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  1. Hi Jessie!
    You sure have those side effects down pat!!! We are now home from vacation and want to know when you don’t have that metallic taste, what can I make for you and your family???? I’d love to play Jewish mother ( I guess I AM one, huh?) and cook for you. Just let me know!! Feel good. Hugs

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