OK today is better

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Today is a better day then yesterday, thankfully! It really couldn’t get worse than yesterday, so that’s a plus.  My arm doesn’t hurt at all which is so nice and a relief.  It is kind of weird that I have no pain, but I am not going to think about that.  They are trying to get me to do a chest wall port but I really am against this.  Will keep you updated on that next week.

The bad news is that I have been nauseated today, and no medication has been able to stop that.  I have no idea why,  but I am just powering through.  Taste is slowly coming back, and I am going to try to enjoy Italian food tonight.

The nanny search is in full swing, and I appreciate everyone who has sent me referrals.  Hopefully we find someone next week although we will be so sad to see ours go.

Have a great weekend everyone!



2 thoughts on “OK today is better”

  1. So glad today is better. Tough day for you yesterday and tough to sit with your pain and anguish. Thanks for your honesty. xo

  2. Adam had a chest port. He figured it was better than frying your veins. Just think about it. I admire your strength, Jessie. Hope tomorrow is a super day for you.

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