The end of a great weekend

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Well the weekend is done and I am fucking exhausted.  We had a blast!  Friday night we had a great dinner at Odys & Penelope, I can’t stop talking about it because it was THAT good.  It is unusual to go to a restaurant and like every single thing that was ordered, but we did!  It was awesome to sit with Court and just chat while sitting next to each other.  I can’t complain!

We loved our visit so much and it was so wonderful to see her with Asher after so long, and to squeeze Dylan in the flesh! Ahh, so much time and distance, I can’t wait until I can travel and go visit her soon!

Otherwise our weekend was great, and we enjoyed it as much as we can before next weekend comes.  I can’t believe that in a week I will be coming out of my 5th chemo coma.  Just two more, yet it feels like so many more to deal with.  There are just 25 days left until #6, but for some reason it feels like an eternity.  I guess it just the way it works, right?

I noticed a funny thing keeps happening, and don’t think of me as being conceited by saying this.  People keep saying to me that I look wonderful lately.  It is really odd to me, because I think that I look like shit.  Are people just being kind or do they really think that?  I took a look at myself today and said, hey I don’t look half bad for a chick with cancer.  I am so not the type to think I am GORGEOUS ever, but today I think I looked pretty.  It was a nice little boost for my ego because I have been feeling so ugly.  I keep saying, maybe its the 10 pounds I have lost- the best diet you never want to be on right?  Anyway, my skin is clear for the time being and I am dealing with my eyebrows.  I have learned to pencil them quite nicely.  You work with what you have, right?

As the weekend ends, and a new chemo week begins I take it (life) as it is. We batten down the hatches and brace for the storm.  Guess it is time to buy more Vitamin Water and cornbread.


2 thoughts on “The end of a great weekend”

  1. So happy you got to be with and see Courtney. How sweet of her to come out. Anything I can make you for the upcoming week? Is there any other soup you might enjoy? Anything at all – you name it. Best of luck this week. Big hugs!

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Laughter is the best medicine. Hope this week goes quickly for you. Sending hugs.

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