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That is my life lately.  Doctors at least twice a week.  I get lucky this week and get to go to doctor’s offices not once or twice, but FOUR times!  Today I went to my plastic surgeon (more on that later), Wednesday I get to go get my PICC line, Thursday is chemo #5 and Friday is hydration.  Admit you’re a bit jealous.

Today was a good meeting with my doctor though, I was very anxious to see him and felt much better afterwards.  I can’t say that I am excited, but I am ever so slightly excited in a twisted way.  I am not sure if it is the new boobs, a vacation from my life, or a guarantee that cancer will be out of my body.  I think it is an honest mix of all three.  I am always honest, right?

My mastectomy and reconstruction are scheduled for September 30th right now, assuming that my white counts go back to normal after my 6th and final chemo.  Up until now, all of my counts have been great with no problems.  Let’s all hope that everything stays the same for the rest of my treatments.

The timeline is pretty straightforward assuming that I don’t need radiation.  What is totally fucked up, is that we won’t know for certain if I need radiation until after the final pathology comes back 3-5 days after surgery.  Lets all say a huge prayer now and nightly until surgery so I don’t need radiation.  Not only will it just suck and delay everything, but I will have a red hardened boob for the rest of my life.  I don’t want to pay X amount of dollars for imperfection and this shit ain’t cheap.  Again, honesty.  On the other hand, I just want to live so there’s that too.

Radiation totally fucks up my timeline, and I will tell you why.  First surgery is the end of September.  The second surgery (permanent implant) would go in 4-6 weeks later.  Well if I need radiation, I can’t have that for 6-8 weeks post surgery, and that lasts about 5 weeks.  With radiation, everything swells and gets red so that would need to go down before the implant goes in.  Annoying, and that would be about 6 months later!!!  Ugh, again I choose life over vanity but still wanna look good!

All in all it was a great meeting, and I will be shitting my pants about going in for surgery.  It is the boob job I always wanted but was too scared to get.  There, I said it.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting.  Along with doomsday prep, the new nanny is coming to work with Marlyn and meet the kids.  But better than that, is that I get to go to TARGET!  ALONE!!!  Wish me luck…



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  1. Oh Jessie – bless your little heart! So much to take in and compute!!!! I think of you often and always have good thoughts and you can be sure my prayers are there for you!!! Big hugs

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