Recovery day 1

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I survived day one and had my hydration this morning.  I was back on the right side of the infusion center, I felt much more at ease there today!  I hate change, what can I say.  My dad took me this morning, it was a nice little bonding.  Then I passed out and he went to get breakfast.

We made progress by convincing and having everyone agree to let me take the PICC out next week after I go for a bandage swap.  Thursday should end the time that any wire, needle or foreign object is in my body- until my surgery that is.  I will take it.  So I will have my last and FINAL infusion by IV!  They will then give me a new IV for my hydration the following day and keep that needle in until I finish my final hydration that Monday the 5th.  YAY!

The kids are off to my parents tomorrow, I am so looking forward to some quiet and recovering in some peace.  Hopefully I just sleep until sunday and then feel better by Monday.  Poor Dylan has a cold, I hope that he wakes up feeling better tomorrow.  If not, maybe I will pack some Ativan for my parents too!  The big question is who they will send for hydration.  Will it be Constantine, Beanna, Laura or someone new?  Who ever it is, they better scrub the shit out of their hands.  I am NOT getting another infection.  Fuck that.

Hopefully you have a lovely and relaxing weekend, do something fun and hug those you love.  The cornbread is in the oven.



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