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Today, August 11, marks my 5th chemo treatment.  What a milestone to reach, although I will be so much happier in 3 weeks when I finish my 6th and final! I will continue Herceptin for a year, but that is easy and can be done in an hour with no cold cap treatment.

It was a good day, Christy and Amy came to visit me along with Zack, my Dad and Sister.  Of course mom was there too.  I don’t remember every convo that I had, but I know that were there.

I say it was a good day, but in reality I had a mild panic attack who we got there.  They placed me on the East side today, meaning I was totally out of my element and my OCD/superstition kicked in.  I have sat in the same spot for the first 4 treatments and now I was thrown for a loop. I am now thoroughly convinced that I will be sick for the entire week and not be able to move.  I am slightly insane, but this we know.

The PICC line was ok, but I am working hard to get it out next week.  I would love nothing more than to do my last chemo through my veins and not a line.  Dylan has already tried to grab it through my bandage, which freaks me out.  We will see next week when I go for a bandage change.  Say your prayers now.  Hi Paige.

Lastly, I took video of my cold cap placement. I know I have shown you pictures, but Christy was my videographer today and recorded Gavin doing cap #4 this morning.  We actually did a total of 15 today, it was a long start.  Enjoy the video, think freezing thoughts for me while you watch!

21 days people, 21 days!



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