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Hives are gone!  Yay!  I feel good, yay!  Aside from those bastard hives, we had a great weekend.  Ok, Sunday was great.  We had no yelling from the kids, everyone ate well, and we went to the Farmers Market.  The highlight was seeing Dylan on his first ride, the swings!  The night ended early with Zack and I promptly passed out on the couch.

Today has been a great day too.  I really can’t complain!  Ash is going to a new camp down the street for a week and had a blast today.  Thank GOD for that mini camp this week.  The poor kid was going stir crazy being in the house for a week.  Dylan is being an angel, and I am happy.  I even felt well enough to take both kids to lunch.  ALONE.  No one cried, not even me!  They even both ate.  Miracles.

I know this post isn’t really cancer related, but it has been a great day.  I received word that our donated baby carriers arrived in South Africa and we were sent pictures of them being used.  It really brought tears to my eyes to see these beautiful babies being worn and loved.  I am already gearing up to organize another drive, possibly in Haiti.

Through all the bad I am going through, this has been such a blessing to me.  I want to help people, not just those affected by cancer but those who are in need.  When you are affected by something, in my case it’s cancer I want to help.  I have been bitten by the bug of helping.  I want to give to those who are less fortunate.  Whether it is for babies or those who cannot receive the top health care that I am receiving, I am going to give back.  If you would like to help and join me I would love it.  Stay tuned for what is next.

Thank you to everyone who helped gather baby carriers the first time around.  You are a blessing to me and those you helped!



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