I get knocked down, but I get up again

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Well this has been a whirlwind of a few days, there are good reasons that I’ve been dead silent.  First of all, I have been crabby and didn’t feel like writing.  Secondly, I woke up yesterday to HIVES!!!  Just what I needed now, right?

I had hives a few years ago due to a reaction to a medication, but I didn’t take anything new so we were all confused why they decided to rear their ugly head.  I of course got very nervous, so I immediately called the oncologists office.  The doc on call told me to take Benadryl, so I did.  Nothing happened.  So I called back and she told me to take two.  Oye.  By 9:30a, I crawled back into bed.  I passed out so hard from the pills I woke up at 11:30!  Fucking hives were still there.  Anyway, long story short I was in a Benadryl coma all day yesterday.  I felt awful and groggy.

Today I woke up and they are still here but smaller.  I assume they will go away by themselves in a few days.  I swear, once I start feeling better something else comes and fucks with me.

I was actually feeling good yesterday minus the hives, and Friday I even went out for a few hours with Zack’s dad, step mom and sister.  Last night I couldn’t even make it to Mr. Chow for dinner because I felt like such shit.  It’s a good thing Zack brought me leftovers so I can still enjoy the food!

Today I feel better (slightly itchy) but good enough to get out of the house.  I felt like I was in a chemo coma again this weekend!  I have been inside my house so long for the past few weeks I have memorized tile patterns.  Otherwise my spirits are back up, taste has returned (dull but I’ll take it) and yesterday was hair washing day.  Basically it is a good recipe for a good family day. I’ll take it.



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