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The party was a success, and I am now completely exhausted.  Everyone had a great time, including the adults.  The food was awesome, the entertainment was a success and the weather was even better!   The cakes weren’t perfect, but no one knew except for me and Zack.  Oh well, at least  they tasted really good!

After the party Asher tore through all of his gifts, and Dylan’s in equal time.  Poor kid didn’t even get a chance to enjoy his presents because of big brother.  Just wait until he can really kick the shit out of him.  It will happen.  I wanted to literally collapse after everyone left, but didn’t get a chance to nap at all.  We then had a brilliant idea to take the kids to dinner last night.  I passed out at 7:30 in my bed- then woke up for more cake at 8:45.

The thing about chemo, is that it really wears you out after a while.  It is cumulative as they say, and if I am doing too much it really wears me down.  This is something that I really keep forgetting.  On top of everything, I started to develop muscle fatigue which is becoming bothersome.  I really need to rest this week before I go in for my last chemo on Thursday.

Even though I am having my LAST AND FINAL FUCKING CHEMO on Thursday, did you know that I will need to continue with an infusion for a year?  I will need to go back every three weeks for Herceptin until the end of May.  It is not a big deal and there are really no side effects except for runny nose, brittle nails and heart problems.  No seriously.  I have to get an echo every three months until it is complete.  So when I say I am done with chemo, I still have to go through this infusion, but I am not in the least concerned about it.  The biggest issue is Coldwater traffic there and back.

Tomorrow we start the FINAL countdown.  We are literally DAYS away from chemo 6.  Here is to a healthy and fast week until Thursday.  I literally feel like it’s Christmas and I am going to have the biggest present waiting for me under the tree!!!


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