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We have made it to the LAST week of chemo, officially.  I am officially on a countdown to the LAST time I will hopefully ever have to have chemotherapy enter my veins.  Here is to the final countdown of days.

I have never in my life wanted the days, hours or minutes to go so fast in my life.  As my dad said tonight, he has never wanted a summer to be over more in his life.  I can’t agree more.  I have wanted the summer to be done before it even started, as sad as that is.  I have been waiting for September 1st since May 17th!  You know that I have been crossing off the days on my bathroom calendar for the past few months, to see that there are only 3 days left feels amazing!  I can’t wait to tick off today- then there will be only 2 days!

In other news, I have developed neuropathy in my feet.  I am not 100% sure, but am pretty sure that’s what it is.  My legs started to hurt on Friday, but since the party on Saturday it has been worse.  I wasn’t sure if I should chalk it up to standing for 4 hours, or just the fucking neuropathy.  I have been totally forgetful the past few weeks about taking my glutamine, so I am really kicking myself for that.  We have to take glutamine because it is supposed to prevent neuropathy.  Oops.  Anyway, today the tingly sensation got a bit worse in my left foot.  I am praying that it doesn’t get worse.  The good news is that it does go away apparently.  Here’s to hoping!

More complaints from me.  I feel like I am getting a cold.  My nose is runny and I feel post nasal coming on.  This is the last thing that I need right now.  I need to be healthy for Thursday and so can’t afford to get to Tower and have my blood checked to be told my white cells are too low.  I will strangle somebody and it might be Rod.  Don’t worry- I call that fucker for the last time tomorrow, just to fuck with him.

So I leave you with the countdown of 3 days!  (I am too lazy to count the exact time.)


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