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Well fucking Rod, he was dodging my calls.  Do you think the caps are in the freezer? I have called Iris also, she said she left a message for him.  I just called again, Mr. Happy Face was just SOOOO pleased to hear from me.  “They are always in the freezer Jessica.”  OOOOKKKKK, just checking.  I certainly don’t want my LAST chemo to be the one to make me lose my hair, right?  I have cancer, I have the right to be pushy.  Oh Rod.

Now that is all straightened out, I feel better.  Physically I do also today.  My left foot isn’t as tingly today, but it did keep me up last night.  I think that I was really nervous also, so that contributed to my sleepless night among other things.  My cold is ever so slightly better today also, I am taking a lot of Zicam to keep it at bay, hopefully it will work.

Asher went back to school today.  Can all parents please let out a collective scream of happiness?  He was so tired after his first day that he almost passed out in the car.  I call that a successful first day in the books!

Another day down, and another day closer.  Tomorrow I have two doctors appointments, one for an echocardiogram and another followup with my surgeon.  Should be a long ass day but I am ready for it. You know me, I am ready for anything these days!

Almost time to check off another day on the calendar!


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