I made it to the end of chemo!

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Chemo is officially done, I completed six rounds of Taxotere, Carboplatin, Herceptin and Perjeta.  I am continuing with Herceptin until May, but thankfully there are no terrible side effects with that, and it is a 30 minute infusion once every three weeks.

This has been a long road, starting May 19th on my first until today September 1st my last.  There were times that I wanted to quit, there were times I laughed and certainly times that I cried.  It is an emotional roller coaster and one I hope that none of you ever have to endure in your lifetime.  I certainly don’t want to go through this again!

I had the most amazing surprises today, starting from my nurses decorating my chair and walls, to so many friends coming to visit.  What a special way to conclude my journey up until this point.  I even got cupcakes baked with the word TIT on them, how amazing is that.

It was sad to say goodbye to Gavin, my Cold Cap fitter but I am not sad to see them go at all!  He kept my hair, and for him I will forever be grateful! This process would have been ten times harder without hair. I’m forever grateful for him!  I had a Rod sighting today, but we didn’t exchange pleasantries.  How sad.

We had a meeting with my oncologist today, and it went just as well if not better than yesterday.  She confirmed that there are no new masses or anything even visible.  She is definitely on the verge of calling this a complete response.  That is exactly what I wanted to hear!  She said that if my pathology comes back from surgery really well, there is a good chance that I won’t need radiation.  Of course nothing is set in stone right now, but that is exactly what I am praying for!

To conclude for now, I am going to hunker down and prepare for my recovery weekend.  I have my final hydration at Tower tomorrow followed by Constantine my love Saturday-Monday.  Then, no more hydration!  This is my last chemo recovery weekend and I am thrilled beyond believe. I should only have it as easy as #5, where by Monday I felt ok.  Here is to hoping!

Thanks for your love and support!!!!  Don’t worry, this is NOT the end of Cupcakes and Chemo.  There is a lot more to come!  Enjoy some pictures of today, and my celebrations!

IMG_8162 With my graduation cap, tit cupcakes, Stephanie and Cat my nurses and of course Gavin


All of my visitors!


My decorated infusion area and poster my mom made me!



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