Well I’ve had a shit few days

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Sorry to be so blunt, but it is the truth.  This has been a much longer recovery than the 5 treatments before, and I’m over it.  I know I’ve bitched and moaned over the week but it’s really true.

Yesterday sucked so badly, that I knew I would actually sleep last night and I did.  With the help of my friend medication of course.  Lets see, it started with me waking up feeling like shit, the nanny calling in sick, realizing I had to watch both kids alone all day, my parents moving offices so no one to help me, and taking both kids to the doctor in the afternoon.  Awesome.  Well thankfully I managed to bring our old nanny back to watch Dylan for the afternoon so I could fly solo on that.  Then there was a turn.

I got into a car accident in the parking lot of Rite Aid with Dylan.  We are both fine and the car is too.  So Zack came to help me with that because I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  I might have actually HAD one in the parking lot but don’t really remember.  So with him there, he was able to come to the doctor with me and help with them for the rest of the day. Ah relief.  I was so tired and out of yesterday I couldn’t even function by 6pm.

If you are wondering what it FEELS like when I say I feel like shit, all I can say is having the worst flu aches of your life and walking and sitting literally HURTS.  Most of what I am experiencing these days is severe fatigue and leg pains.  This isn’t the worst but still very painful.  I still can’t each much aside from ice cream and cereal, but at least it is something.  I have spoken to many survivors in my breast cancer group on  Facebook and this is sadly so normal.  Usually by day 10 I have my taste back, but I don’t think that will be this time around.  Someone told me that it will be a year before I taste normally again!  The horror!

Anyway, today I am going to make it a ME day for a few hours.  Its been a while since I just relaxed.  It has been a really stressful week.  I think I will just take some time alone and get a manicure.  That makes everything better, right?

P.S. just got a blueberry muffin and it sucked.  Again.  Grr..

Have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends.  And now that football is officially back, GO GIANTS!!!



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