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That is how many days it has been since my diagnosis.  I tell you that, because I am finally close to feeling normal again.   We have gone over the amount of procedures and the number of chemo’s I have had so we don’t need to do that again, but it’s a shit ton.  All in 131 days.  One day I am going to a Guns N Roses show, the next I am on a biopsy table.

It goes to show you how fast time goes, and how fast things can change in a blink of an eye.  This weekend, 2 friends that I know walked in the AVON Breast Cancer walk, and one did so honoring me.  Thank you Jenn!  It was so touching to see her note and supporting me and the countless number of people affected by this stupid disease.  Stand Up To Cancer aired this weekend also, I said on my Facebook how crazy it was to be on the other side this year.  I cried like a little bitch during the opening scene, and we made donations.  My new sweatshirt should be here next week.

So I don’t really have much to say this weekend except how nice it was to spend together as a family unit, especially while I am feeling well again.  We have a new cancer in this house, it’s called football but at least it leaves in February. HA!  It was actually pretty cute to have Asher screaming all weekend that the Giants play the Cowboys this weekend and begging to watch the game already.  We have a young football fan on our hands.  Dylan, he just smiles.  The family dynamic really has changed with his walking abilities.  Crazy how in a day he can occupy himself with a drawer, empty it and walk away immediately.  Such skills these kids have. Oh, and I was able to finally eat a little today, that’s good!

Now we are on another countdown, for surgery.  In 17 days it’s my turn.  I am terrified but ready.  I just want to get those pathology results and be told NO RADIATION!  Whatever it is will be, but damn that would be nice.  Say a prayer, won’t you?

Tomorrow we go into another week, enjoy it.  Grab your pumpkin lattes by the balls and do what makes you happy.



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