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It has been two weeks since my last chemo, and in another two weeks I will have surgery.  I can’t decide whether I would like to go forward or backward in time.  I think that I would like to get this shit over and done with, so let’s just fast forward to September 28th at around 5pm, mmkay?

Today the Triple C Club met, it was a good meeting of the girls both figuratively and literally.  Love all the boob talk.  One of us has had surgery, and I am so glad that she is over and done with now!  What a relief.  I’m next, then our last member has hers in October.  When we are all done, we are celebrating.  Hardcore.  Maybe the early bird special.

On another note, people always ask how I am doing, and I appreciate them asking.  I never get sick of people asking or asking specific questions either.  But what I am sick of is acting like I am ok.  I am not ok, and that is actually OK.  It is exhausting putting on a happy face, which I generally have, but I am tired of just brushing it off and saying that.  When people ask now, I respond with I am getting better every day.  That’s the truth, I am getting better daily.

I might be healing a little slower with cuts on my hand, or walk a little slower, but every day I get stronger.  Every day I get better.  Every day is another step in my recovery to the new Jessie.  I can’t say I am going to be a BETTER Jessie because I rather liked me as a person, but a new me.  So when you ask me, if you do (if you don’t that’s ok too, no guilt here) just know that I am OK even if I don’t respond with saying I am great.  Honestly what do you expect, I just had 6 rounds of chemo!



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