Appointment? What appointment

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I got myself all tootsed up for an appointment with my oncologist, I even put on makeup and a cute jacket.  My mom and I decided to take Dylan with us because we needed to do other stuff afterwards, so to Tower we went.

I go up and check in for my 11am appointment on September 13, and I apparently had no appointment.  Oops.  I schlepped my mother, baby, stroller and diaper bag to an appointment that was not there.  I guess I must have a serious case of chemo head, right?  I was a little confused why she would want to see me two weeks from my other appointment, but didn’t think to ask.  I have an appointment on October 13 so I guess I entered it wrong in my phone.  It wasn’t all for not though, I got to see Paige and Steph and they met Dylan.  I ended up seeing my doctor though, but it was in the elevator going down.

So instead we went to the mall to get some post surgery apparel.  Love me some oversized button downs that I will never want to wear again.  Thankfully H&M had some cute stuff today.  Dylan also really loved the cafe at Bloomingdales and hates tuna.

It wound up being a really busy day, so much so that I had to come home and take a serious nap.  Good thing the kids were occupied because I hit the pillow like it was lights out till morning.  Every day is a little better, and every day a little stronger.




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