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I went to my first, ok 7th Herceptin infusion all by myself today!  I am a big girl now!  It was pretty fast, I was in and out in a little over an hour.  While getting ready this morning, I had to ask Zack if it was cold in the infusion center.  I’ve only ever been there with a cold cap, so I really had no idea if it was cold!  I brought a sweatshirt.  Also, I have 10 more Herceptin infusions to go, there are a total of 17.

It was pretty quiet in the infusion center today, so I had my choice of chairs.  I chose to sit in the private room, I got all fancy and shit today.  Anyway, my blood counts are back up and high enough to have surgery on Wednesday.  If my white counts weren’t high enough, then no surgery for me.  Now I just have to worry about this ear problem and pray that I’m not getting a cold before then.  Musinex to the rescue.

In other news, I am so glad that I went with Penguin Cold Caps for my treatment.  I heard horror stories about women using the new caps (I won’t say the company name to badmouth them) and their hair was literally falling out in the infusion center and they were basically BALD on the tops of their heads.  That would A. freak me out and B. piss me off that I spent so much money to only wind up losing my hair. I have no idea how that got the FDA approval and Penguin isn’t.  I have my hair to prove it!  They really need to go for the approval.

Lastly I met up with my friend who had her surgery two weeks ago after my infusion.  She gave me a robe that she used for her drains, and I will pass it along to our other friend once she’s had hers in a month.  It’s like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, except for Cancer and the drains.  I crack myself up I swear.

With that I wish you a wonderful weekend.  Zack and I get to get rid of the kids for a day for some peace and quiet before surgery.  YAY!  Love them I do, but crazy they are.  Eat, Drink and be Merry folks.



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