Pre-ops, special soap and markings

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That pretty much sums up my day.  I had my two big appointments with my breast surgeon and reconstruction surgeon today.  I love them both, and mom and I were pretty pleased that they saw us early.  Otherwise we would have had to bum around Beverly Hills for two hours.  Shit that meant no Neiman’s today.

My reconstruction doctor was more in-depth with his information, as he is the one that I’ll be seeing much more of in the next year or so.  My breast surgeon gave us the run down of what to expect regarding her part of the surgery, making me feel very calm and ready to go.

I am really happy with the team that I chose, to be honest I didn’t interview more than them but I’m ok with that.  They came very highly recommended by a fellow family friend who is a plastic surgeon.  I trust him whole heartedly.

Dr. S the reconstruction doctor, basically covered everything from this soap that I need to use the night before and day of surgery, what to expect from recovery, how flat chested I will be when I wake up (I won’t be), and how long it will be until the process is completed (pending radiation the second surgery won’t be until next summer).  There was so much more that we went over but I won’t bore you with that.  Lets just say that I feel comfortable, but sad that I can’t pick up Dylan for 6 weeks.  I also can’t use a big tote for a while, so I guess cute little handbags are in my future for a while.  Silver lining folks, silver lining.

He also put some preliminary marks on my chest to see what the scars will look like.  Not gonna lie, they will be bigger than expected.  I say I don’t mind now, but when I am over and done, will I change my mind?  Probably not because I will be ALIVE.  All in all it was a very good meeting, I don’t have a choice but feel ready to go.

Tomorrow I have my first infusion of Herceptin alone, and I get to drive myself there.  I have come so fucking far in 4.5 months that I can’t believe this day is here.  Chemo is done, and now just this one infusion for another 6 months or so.  I can do it!  It’s crazy how fast this has gone, now if only my eyebrows would grow back this fast I would be happier than a pig in shit.  I think I can use Latisse in a few weeks, thank God!

Lastly, thanks for all of the birthday wishes for Asher.  We all had a great time at California Adventure.  We ate our hearts out, went on rides and met a ton of characters- specifically Lightning McQueen his hero.  It was also a celebration of sorts for me, knowing that I did it (chemo) and was able to get through a day at a theme park without collapsing!  Having the disability pass certainly helped, so thanks for that Disney!


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