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All I can think of when I think about chemotherapy, is Susan Sarandon in “Stepmom.” Remember the scene when she tried to carry the laundry up the stairs and fell from exhaustion? For some reason that scene kept playing in my head when I found out I needed to have chemo.  Apparently I have gotten lucky because I haven't passed out or even thrown up from my medication.  Insert my praise for Zofran!  But the fatigue is another ball game.  I like my naps, but constant naps are even too much for this chickadee.

It is only 3:20p and I have already napped more than Dylan.  Winning.

I don't think I have told you about my medicines yet.  I am on a very common regime for Breast Cancer.  Honestly, it fucking sucks that there are so many people out there that need to be treated for this stupid fucked up cancer.  But here we go, I feel like being intellectual today with y'all.

As I mentioned, over the next 18 weeks I get 6 rounds of chemotherapy.  Funny enough (OK not funny at all), I will continue with one medication for another 8 months.  My cocktail is called TCHP. Lets break it down…


Knock your socks off and google them, I am too tired to write about it.

I have started and stopped this blog too many times today.  I am going to say bye for now because I am just too tired to continue and I have nothing else to say- could I be more blunt.  In all honestly, a cute little monkey named Asher climbed into my bed to tell me that it will be “OK MOMMY.” With that I think I'll just watch “Bob the Builder” and snuggle.  Perfection for a minute…


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