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It's a funny thing when you reveal that you have cancer.  Not that the cancer is funny schmuck, but the things that happen.  I have told you how thankful I am for all of the well wishes that you have sent to me and I really am.  I am so grateful for that, please don't get me wrong and don't you dare stop them from coming!

What is funny though, are the people who you hear from.  And the people you don't.  I don't expect to hear from everyone I know, because that would ask a lot and make me super selfish.  But it does make you think about who your true friends are.  There were a few surprises there I will be honest, but I got bigger cancer to kill than stress this.

To make you laugh, a couple of weeks ago my all important Instagram feed started to get fewer likes. I was like, huh are my kids ugly now? And then you put up a pic after announcing cancer and BAM- back to a lot of likes.  I tried to explain to my mom, she doesn't get it.  I was like mom!  It's cancer likes!  Do they like my pic because of the “news?” Nah, probably bc I am in the forefront of your mind and yea my kid is cute. Now you have to like all my pics, suckers.

Back to the friends, it is times like these who you really realize who's got your back- or boobs.  From childhood, college, and now mommy friends I can say I am BLESSED.  These women are just as bad ass as me and won't leave me alone in a good way! I've got offers to drive Asher to school, take my kids from me (might not want them back), food showing up at my door!  Geez, you all make a girl feel special.

I was ultimately touched hearing from a few college friends who sent over food.  We haven't been in touch in years except stalking Facebook.  To hear from them just made my day, the pizza wasn't bad either! But yes, some people just don't know how to handle information like this or don't want to crowd.  I am sure some are just plain selfish or assholes.  That's ok too.  I am not the center of the world, I am not god.  I am just blessed and fortunate to have a few good friends who are there for me.  And I love them so much.

Food update, I ate oatmeal this morning!  It was disgusting but I ate it.


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