Doesn’t a nap sound nice?

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My ideal day: waking up late, a nice hot, tasty cup of coffee, a stroll of Bloomingdale’s and a nap.  Of course ending with an episode of Real Housewives.

My reality: Up by 6:45, a lukewarm cup of decaf tea that I can’t taste (metallic taste has settled in for a week- fucker), MyGym and no nap. Of course ending with Real Housewives.  At least I have that. PS- did you see that Jule’s husband filed for divorce?! Not the Asian Jew!!!

Today I figured I would get back “into the world” and take Dylan to MyGym, with my mom’s help of course.  Shit that was exhausting, and I am not talking about chasing him around the gym. Of course he had to start crawling the week of chemo.  I’ll remind him of that when he is older.  I left my mom to chase him around anyway.  Just the mere act of getting dressed and actually looking human was more energy than running a 10k- not like I would know what that was like.  Boy I miss Barry’s.

Doesn’t a leisurely day ending with a nap sound awesome?  We all want to nap and take one when we can and should.  Today I didn’t nap and perhaps that was a good thing.  I haven’t slept much in the past few days, so maybe its my body’s way of saying I am coming ’round the bend again. Or maybe I am just so OVER TIRED that I couldn’t actually shut down.  Or maybe its the fact that Asher screamed for a solid 30 minutes when I was trying to nap because he didn’t like the Hot Wheels I bribed him with.  Potato Potatoe.

Not much else to report today, hopefully I get some good rest tonight.  I might get crazy and try some Benadryl before bed.  Look at me getting all c-uh-razy with cancer.  Today was pretty shitty in the depression department.  I don’t just say that for pity, I just want you to know that I am honest with you all.  I have good days and bad, but particularly today was shit.  It was the kind of “Look at me and I will have waterworks” kind of day.  Hopefully tomorrow is a better day and one that allows me to get back in the “world” solo and maybe even put on some jeans.  FANCY!

I hear the kids shrieking, it must be dinner time and Stewie is trying to eat Dylan again….


OH! P.S. Constantine and I watched two episodes of Grace and Frankie this morning.  I think we are going places…

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