It’s a small world afterall

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You know how everyone says it’s such a small world? Well it really is!  I have mentioned in the past that my oncologist “set me up” with another patient going through exactly what I am going through.  She is close to my age and they figured we would get along.  You know, two Jewish girls.  I made the first move and emailed her, and the rest is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  But there’s more.

We have been chatting, we started off on email and moved up to texting.  We have a lot to say!  It is so awesome to go through this with someone who can totally relate to you.  To have someone who you can talk about side effects, symptoms, emotions, irritations and more! We decided to meet up today, and had a great time.  Coffee for over 2 hours!  And neither of us drank coffee.  Ha.

Well we did the usual Jewish Geography, starting off with where we went to high school.  Funny, she went to Brentwood and I went to Montclair.  Then I mentioned I had a lot of friends who went to Brentwood, and she knew the first girl I said.  She went to elementary school with her.  Hmm…so did I.

It turns out that we went to elementary school together!  How fucking weird is that!  We knew each other when we were kids!  It is a small world after all.  Now not only am I going through chemo and have someone to relate to, it is someone who I can really relate to! It is so funny how the world will lead you to places that you never expected and to meet people that you never expected to meet, or meet again.  Life is full of unexpected gifts, and this is a gift that I have a feeling I will treasure for a lifetime.  A true friendship.


P.S. we decided that we got cancer because of Martin Duberstein.  It is all his fault. 🙂 Shoutout to all the Castlemont alumni.  Reunion will take place at the Taiwanese retirement center on Reseda and Burbank- where the original campus was.

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  1. WOW…………….it is a small world . I am sure its all Mr. “D” fault ! But out of Castlemont did come some wonderful friendships ! Ours being top on my list. I am glad you were given a new gift of friendship today!

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