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Tomorrow is the day, infusion #3. I am nervous, and I don’t really know why.  I know exactly what to expect and when it will all happen.  I am more dreading the next 5 days of feeling like absolute shit.  On the positive side, Constantine will be visiting me next week.  Hands off ladies!

I am spending my last “free” day for a week or so just enjoying myself and taking Asher to the arcave (arcade) and bowling today.  I also got a manicure, a nice dark color because I felt slightly depressed.  For dinner we are going to Benihana, or as Asher calls it “cook on table.”  We should all smell lovely tonight.

I don’t want to go tomorrow! Don’t make me!  The tumors are shrinking, the doctor said so!  But I have to go, so I will put on my armor and go.  I would wear my awesome new WARRIOR sweatshirt tomorrow, but I don’t want to cut a hole in the arm where my port is.  It’s too cute to destroy!  I am also throwing away anything that I ever wore to chemo to rid the memories, so theres that.

Today I had to start my steroids again, I have to take them twice a day before and after infusion.  In case you wanted to see how many prescriptions I have right now, I took a picture.  I think I forgot a few and didn’t show you my major weed stash.  Kidding, I don’t have a stash.  Take a look.  It really isn’t that many when you think about it and I don’t have to take them all every day.



So I will enjoy my last day of freedom for a while, hoping and praying tomorrow goes smoothly and easy.  I really do hope fucking Rod put my caps in the freezer, I didn’t call him.  He better not fuck up, because my hair is doing so well and I swear it is thicker than ever.  The eyebrows, well perhaps I should have kept them on the bushier trend this year.  Poor things are thinning and I look like a chick stuck in the 90’s.  Hello eyebrow pencils, ugh.

Ok, he is calling me to go bowling.  When a minion summons you, you don’t ignore.  Until tomorrow, when I am in the tundra of Tower.



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  1. Go in with your head held high!! If you can binge watch Veep, it is so funking funny! I never knew fuck had so many tenses!!

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