3rd chemo over and out

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Well well well, lookie who if finished their 3rd chemo today?   This bitch did! I’m still sitting here with my cold caps on while waiting for the last four hours of cap to freeze my follicles.

It’s been overall a good day here and gone by rather fast. I’ve dozed on and off and had a SLEW of visitors today which made me smile! My crazy Frank’s came and surprised me with a major hat party! They were all jealous of my cute frozen head, so they wanted in! Love those girls.


And btw, Rod fucked up! When we got here I was told they weren’t cold enough! Fucking Rod.  Don’t worry, Gavin ordered extra ice and saved the day. My head is a frozen block of ice but my hair will look good in two months.  I think it’s actually getting thicker.  We also froze my eyebrows during my taxotere therapy today, we will see if we can save me from that awful 90’s look.


I’m halfway done people, HALFWAY! I can’t believe it but I will get through it. Crazy that in two months I’ll be done with this part of my life. Surreal to say the least.

Before we go, I have a bag of Doritos with my name on them….



2 thoughts on “3rd chemo over and out”

  1. I wanna come to the next party… Just kidding but sure looks like “fun”. Well, at least you’re not bored on infusion day!!! Sending hugs and love Gloria

  2. Keep pushing and laughing. Your spirit is inspiring! Wishing you continued strength and of course thick hair.

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